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Filippa Trajkovski is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist working with photography, art direction, and graphic design, based in Malmö, Sweden.

As a photographer, Filippa shows great knowledge of the whole process of the photo – from shoot to finished product. She is used to – and love – working with analog cameras which have shaped her personal imagery and style.

Filippa’s creative urge has led her to develop different skills within the branding process and content creation. She has great experience in art direction and graphic design as a result of her curiosity about the creative process. Here she gets to explore thoughtful design and create and tell stories. There is nothing Filippa is not interested in learning and she is always eager for a new challenge.

Selected Clients –

Otma Magazine

Muli Collection

Hello Mantle


Djerf Avenue

Bongusta DK


Jade Cropper

Corlin Eyewear

SKALL studio

+ others 



Filippa is known for her raw and authentic imagery both within fashion and product photography.

For prices, please send your inquiry via email.

Art Direction

During Filippa's bachelor years in Fashion Studies at Lund University she was Art Director for the Fashion student council’s monthly newsletter.

Creating a visual imagery communicating the content of the newsletter was one amongst other things she gained from this role.

Graphic Design

As a creative person Filippa has always had the urge to challenge the conventional rules when it comes to design. In her visual language she uses design elements that align and emphasizes the clients as well as her own storytelling.


As a young girl, Filippa wanted to become a writer. This passion has followed her throughout the years and formed her language and storytelling. As a student within Fashion Studies and Communication, Filippa has gathered tools and expertise within this field of interest.


This passion developed into a project in 2022, where Filippa and her friend Alva Nyblom founded their own online magazine; Magasin Asterisk.

My toolbox

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